A natural way to
healthy bones and joints

ARTREX® Pain Relief Cream is a blend of ingredients merged for maximum relief of joints and muscle pain.

  • Fast Acting
  • Deep Penetrating
  • Long Lasting
  • Effective Natural Pain Relief
  • USFDA Approved

ARTREX® Cream is a plant based multi-component topical formulation. It has been developed using the centuries of experience and knowledge from the science of Ayurveda and subsequently prepared, standardized and validated by modern methods. The combination of the active ingredients in the precise ratios is formulated in a soothing, non-staining elegant cream base for easier and more appealing application. ARTREX Cream possesses all the therapeutic properties as a most effective topical treatment for the fast and long-lasting relief of muscle and joint aches and pain due to arthritis, simple backache, sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis and sports injuries. ARTREX Cream has been approved by the US FDA under the External Analgesic OTC Monograph.

Rationale for Combination:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Analgesic
• Topical coolant
• Anti-microbial
• Good counterirritants
• Antispasmodic with good penetrating action therefore increasing the bioavailability of other constituents of the cream

In Athletics & Sports

For Senior Citizens

For Active Adults

Scientific Publications on Artrex® Cream


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